Surrey Optometry Centre

Our goal is to provide the clearest vision for our patients. We promise to use the best quality eyewear and contact lenses available at a reasonable cost. We also diagnose and treat eye diseases like glaucoma, and eye conditions like dry eye disease. We promise to educate our patients so that they may use that information to preserve their vision for their lifetime.

Dr Dyck

Dr Dyck has 30 years of experience in Optometry. See what his patients have to say, the testimonials speak for themselves!


Margaret’s specialty is frames and lenses. She can cater to families on a tight budget, and also fits the latest high tech progressive lenses that let you see fine print, the computer screen, and the road all in one pair of glasses.


Ian’s specialty is contacts. Many of his clients comfortably wear contacts all day at work, even on the computer – and for sports, in the pool, under sunglasses while skiing, or on vacation. Parents often ask how they can stop their child’s eyes from getting worse every year. Ask Ian.

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