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New Patients and Walk-ins are welcome! We're Located in downtown Surrey, on King George and 105A Avenue – close to the new City Hall and library.

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Reduced fee eye exam for over 65
MSP pays for eye exams under 19

Optometry Services

Eye Exams

With the aid of advanced instrumentation, we will assess how your eyes work together as a team, and evaluate your eyes as an indicator for your overall health.

*Did you know MSP pays for eye exams if you’re under 19? We also have a reduced fee for our patients who are over 65!

Pediatric Eyecare

We know how important it is for you to get clear answers to questions and concerns about your child’s eye health. Our staff is always happy to answer questions, and we pride ourselves on going above and beyond for our pediatric patients and their parents.

Dry Eye Treatment

Our dry eye treatments work to minimize discomfort and re-balance the moisture in your eyes. We use specific evaluations and testing to determine the quality of tears produced by your eyes, which allows us to find the ideal solution for your dry eye problem.

Prescription Eyeglasses

We offer a selection of eyeglasses and our professional staff will help you choose the right fit frame for your lifestyle. Progressive lenses have improved a lot over the years. Distortion has been reduced, adaptation is easier and premium lens have almost no distortion at all.

Contact Lenses

Our staff can fit your contacts to your active lifestyle. Contact lenses are more comfortable than ever and they correct astigmatism as well. We even have contacts for bifocal wearers.


We can make sunglasses with your prescription in them, in the frame of your choice. We also have lenses that are clear indoors but darken automatically outside depending on light levels.

Our Team

The Doctor, Margaret, and Ian will look after your ocular health, glasses, and contact lenses!

Dr Dyck



What Our Patients Are Saying

“Having issues since I was born I've seen my share of eye doctors. Dr. Dyck takes the time to answer all my questions and give advice to improve my eye health and inform me how it helps my over-all health. Each visit I leave feeling I know more about my eyes.”

“This business is NOT your average one hour stop and get yer new shades kind of place! This is a professional business that cares about you and your vision. Trust me, when I say GO to Dr Dyck at Surrey Centre Optometry if you want the best.”

“I have been seeing Dr. Dyck since I was a child (under age 10) ...it's been a long time to say the least and I think he is amazing... I would definitely recommend him to anyone!”

“Great place, friendly staff who always remember who you are and always seem happy. The Optometrist is great as well, great conversation while we are there. Not the silent boring type and you don't feel rushed to make a decision on 'This, or this' when deciding what looks best to you lens strength wise.”

How Can We Help?

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